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Diagen Export Target Raised

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Molecular diagnostic methods, continued their activities in the past year to 35 percent growth Diagen

Emerging technology in conjunction with molecular diagnostic methods occurred in development, researchers also considering the needs and expectations of the Internet under optimal conditions can deliver Diagen, expert in the field of molecular biology and genetics staff veterinary, environmental and food health, serological diagnosis products, laboratory services, laboratory devices and equipments by investing in areas such as.

5 separate product type that they are Marketing and technical services Assistant General Manager, George, "Molecular research products, human health diagnostic serological research products, food products, health diagnosis products, animal health diagnostic products we produce. Interested in our country, to prepare the next better scientific knowledge by turning to high-tech product, at the same time will produce work with the new technological scientific values of the country and the world economy we aim to add value, "he said.

Genetic diseases and disease factors at the molecular level to identify researchers to recognize that they've helped George, "Molecular research products within the scope of the primer and probes, polymerase, and modified enzymes, dna ladder, marker nucleotides and nucleic acids, biochemical and molecular field use compatible consumables, DNA amplification products, cutting enzymes, nucleic acid extraction kit and real time PCR products we produce," he said.

We've been working for the protection of human health, indicating that George, "human health-threatening pathogen, genetic and metabolic risk factors in diagnosis of pathogenic factors for fast and reliable real time PCR Kits, DNA fragment analysis kits, AGAROSE GEL PCR kits, strip the mutation mutation mutation in real time PCR kits, kits, FISH probes, Crimean-Congo ELISA Kits, infections agents ELISA kits we continue our active diagnostic products and services," he said.

At the same time, together with the international companies working in the field of animal health, both in the field of animal diseases diagnosis in the field of both clinical and consulting producers, indicating that they serve the veterinarian George, "new production plans also are interested in genetic human health products, animal health diagnostic tests, food safety and develop our diagnostic kits production Diagnostics in the industry, we aim to produce the highest quality products," he said.

Selcuk University, indicating that the r & d lab in TGB George, "2008-2011 with support for two projects, TUBITAK TEYDEB we finalized. Our first project in human chromosome is a genetic disorder called FISH chromosome determined whether the coloring method, and the other is the leading genetic mutation of the disease in humans is determined thrombophilia real-time PCR diagnostic kits project. Currently both outputs of the project are sold in the domestic market and the commercial. Continue to work to overseas sales, "he said.

The industry will grow further in the coming years representing George, "increased the population, pollution increases and decreased agricultural fields at a time when, despite the need for food product of increasing food production and more increased more problem soni. In such a case, unfair competition, based on the quality of domestic consumer needed to protect company, will find its deserved in the sector. Sector shows an increase with each passing day, "he said.

We've spent the past year grew by 35 percent, indicating that George, "Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Romania we export to. In this year's growth target of 20 percent. Countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East market. In Europe, the crisis did not affect us. First of all, the Arab countries Turkey to change perspectives and functions according to the good economy power due to the target. In fact, the Arab spring on more evaluate the Arab awakening. Because when we look at Arab countries in general get in terms of both technological and political education and mentality as a serious revival. This also affects the mobility of international trade "behind DED|

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