Ruminant Pregnancy Diagnostic Kits

Ruminant Pregnancy Diagnostic Kits

Ruminant Gebelik Teşhis Kitleri

Of blood. Without any apparatus. Fast.

IDEXX Quick Visual Pregnancy Test

Blood-based tests in the clinic or at the farm, perform without investment any lab device. The breeding post 28. from the day in the clinic or at the farm you have to do is test for real time results, take action early pregnancy rates, increase production and profit.

Quick review-30 21 numuna just using whole blood

Usable. Define non-pregnant animals on the farm or at the clinic and the results are read visually.

Effective. Test farm visit.

Easy-to-use. Preparation of blood samples, and eliminate the need for centrifuges.

Cost-effective. Lab devices without having to invest in, get the accuracy of a reliable laboratory.

Read and interpret the results with eyes