İlaç ve Pestisit Kalıntı Analizi

İlaç ve Pestisit Kalıntı Kitleri

İlaç ve Pestisit Kalıntı Kitleri

Drug and Pesticide Residue Analysis

Dedicated Antimicrobial Screening for Honey

Randox Food Diagnostics are a global leader in Honey antimicrobial screening platforms. Our screening solutions provide excellent tools for the quantitative analysis of a vast number of antimicrobials in honey. Randox Food Diagnostics offer multi-analyte honey screening with the unique patented Biochip Array Technology and a wide range of high quality ELISA assays. For further information on each of our ELISA and arrays, click on the on the links below.

Meat & Seafood Analysis

There are several different types of veterinary drugs used in meat and seafood cultivation to reduce mortality and improve production. Within the livestock industry the various types of drugs include growth promoters and synthetic steroids to produce leaner meat, anthelmintics and coccidiostats to combat parasitic worms and flukes, and in both the meat and seafood industries, bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. Within the aquaculture industry triphenylmethane dyes are often used for the treatment of fungal and protozoal infections. Residues of these drugs are highly regulated in food production. Randox Food Diagnostics provides reliable and economical screening methods to monitor antimicrobials, growth promoting compounds, synthetic steroids, anthelmintics, coccidiostats and triphenylmethane dyes. For further information on each of our meat & seafood ELISA's and arrays, click on the links below. {

Antimicrobial Screening of Milk

Precision detection of drug residues in milk Consumer confidence is underpinned by a strong reliance on effective raw milk and milk powder screening methods. Randox Food Diagnostics have been leading the way in providing reliable, simple to use and less labour intensive methods for the screening and detection of antimicrobials and anthelmintics in milk. High quality ELISA test kits and a unique multi-analyte screening platform, provide a vast range of tests for these antimicrobials and anthelmintics present in milk. All assays are produced to the highest standard and offer excellent reliability with exceedingly low limits of detection.For further information on each of our milk ELISA's and arrays, click on the links below. {

Detection of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are a group of naturally occurring metabolites produced by certain moulds. They can grow on a variety of different crops and from a food safety perspective, mycotoxins can cause a variety of adverse health effects in humans. Our screening solutions provide excellent tools for the quantitative analysis of Alkaloids using both the unique patented biochip array technology and a high quality ELISA assays, with a range of mycotoxin testing coming soon. For further information on each of our Mycotoxin screening ELISA's and arrays, click on the links below.

Drug Residue Screening

Rapid Quantitative Screening with the Evidence Investigator Randox Food Diagnostics presents the world’s only multi-analyte quantitative screening drug residue analyser, the Evidence Investigator. Using Biochip Array Technology for food safety screening reduces the number of samples sent to confirmation laboratories, lowering costs on expensive confirmation tests.

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