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Microbiota Analysis

Microbiota Analysis

Microbiota Analysis

Mikrobiyota Analizi

All the examples after the completion of a working sample cold chain in accordance with the rules, will be transported to the laboratory of DNA and the DNA isolation is accomplished by us all here gayta. After the measurements after you perform a DNA isolation all samples are delivered to the cold chain can submit it under the terms of reference. And here is the entire example of sequence analysis and bioinformatics analysis of evaluation is done with microbiota. All of the working sample intestinal microbiota alpha diversity assessment is calculated by Shannon and Chao1 indexes. Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) effect size (LEfSe) is evaluated with the analysis and charts. Microbiota within the same patient time variables and patients and control groups after the assessments between, in all cases non-metric multidimensional scaling and canonical correspondence analyses.

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