• Communication andopen toshare,
  • The Manager and the employee the opportunity to develop yourself to adopt a management approach,
  • To comply with the quality management System conditions all the time,
  • Andcontinuous improvement activities,
  • Usingresourcesefficiently and effectively
  • Continuously improving customer satisfaction with friendly staff to serve you,
  • The current law from fulfilling the obligations,
  • Systematic environmental awareness all activity areas and adopting environmental management system and to provide, to fulfill the requirements to improve the continuity of the system,
  • Within and outside the companyto organizetrainingand awareness-raisingactivitiesabout the environment,to supportsuch activities,
  • Environmental pollution affecting the company minimize factors inside and outside.


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  • Timely supply of customer needs and expectations, after sales service and customer satisfaction, continuous improvement,
  • Evaluating the performance of employees and the opportunity to develop themselves, it's rewarding and encourages to be shareholders and take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the post retirement front serves as a management approach to adopt,
  • Our managers, our Organization, the corporate identity creator of TS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management system to comply with the terms and conditions on the application of continuously improving themselves, to be transparent and to adopt the principle of accountability,
  • Letters to shareholders with legitimate at least legitimate capital the most profit,
  • Public understanding of our Organization; leader, honest, principled, innovative, continuously learning, sharing, reliable, fair, fast and not knowing to deliver quality products and services,
  • Competitors are our customers ' suppliers, Market and customer assurance and satisfaction by accepting stakeholders in providing communications and shareware,
  • Globalization to adapt to changing conditions in the economy in order to ensure our Organization's strategic framework of current and reliable data the planned preparation and strategic market by providing products and services in accordance with the terms of market managing a customer's preferences,
  • For the sake of future generations, available in our industry in the protection of human, animal and environmental health services, the quality of the continuous improvement,
  • Our knowledge and experience with partners in order to ensure sharing of customer satisfaction,
  • Resource utilization; Administrative and financial affairs of our common property of mankind and human and financial resources are allocated effectively and efficiently in order to use the functional approach to budget costs, optimal level of downloads,
  • Edip ýplik; in accordance with our customers ' expectations and needs in the production of goods and services always cooperate,
  • Continuous Improvement;  our Organization, technical services, marketing and sales, foreign trade and production services, after-sales services, and reviewing customer needs and expectations, as well as redesigning,

It is our basic principle.

We are Diagen

DiaGen which was founded in 1998 has taken current place in the sector through the honest, principled and ethical conduct related to work and growing in a stable manner. 

Our organization’s staffs who are experts in the field of Molecular Biology and Genetics have been serving for client, in addition our company has continued to serve in the field of Preventive Medicine, through investing in strategic sectors such as veterinary, environment and food health.

In 2002, our company which has established the standards of TSE-HYB in technical services unit and in 2008, has started to apply the standards of ISO 9001:2008 adopted policy of DiaGen Family with together "suppliers, vendors, employees and customers”  It has a dynamic organization that has been improving itself by closely following the developing technology.

Our vision;

Our vision is to have important share on the world market with specialist staff and to be leader on market by way of continuous development and innovation policy.

Our mission;

Our mission is to provide high quality products and services for scientists and to meet needs and expectations of our customers by closely following the biotechnology development, to provide quality living conditions to our employees and the community.


Human, animal, food and environmental health research and diagnostic reagents in the field of design, development, manufacture, supply, storage, marketing, sales and service.



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